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    In October of 2010, Leef's six founders came together in the East Bay of San Francisco, determined to introduce a disruptive brand into the world of flash memory. It began by custom designing USB flash drives, with characteristics that consumers would appreciate like smaller form factors and unique finishes:
    Once Leef began asking consumers for feedback, it didn't take long to recognize the trend of people moving to mobile as their primary computing device. A year after launching, Leef came to market with the first-ever mobile USB flash drive for Android:

    Learning from Leef Bridge, the company went on to launch smaller and faster mobile USB flash drives for Android that resulted in more convenience for mobile users. It was during this time that Leef also was one of the first to launch mobile microSD readers:
    In 2015, after multiple first-to-market solutions, Leef's greatest success came in its first-ever solution for iPhones and iPads: Leef iBridge
    Which was followed up, again, by a smaller, faster version that offered more features to our customers than ever before: Leef iBridge 3
    Seven years after its inception, Leef's storyline has shifted and evolved but its core nature has remained the same: create products that simplify, empower, and elevate lives.

    The Leef Design Promise:


    At Leef, we are committed to simplifying and empowering your mobile life. Every detail of our products is carefully designed and considered to make your life easier.

    We welcome you to the Leef family - a team of people who believe strongly that good design can elevate lives. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we’re doing.